the banana diet

Published February 25, 2009 by ladyemelye

Last night, Junjun & i went to the supermarket to buy some fruits. We got cavendish bananas, ponkan and mangosteen.

Upon arriving at home, we decided to munch on the bananas. While eating the bananas (with crumpy choco-hazelnut spread), i noticed a sticker in the plastic packaging of the bananas. It was about the Banana Diet which is supposedly a fad in Japan right now.

More or less, here is what was written:

  1. Eat only 2 pcs. of banana for breakfast and drink room temperature water
  2. For lunch and dinner, eat whatever food you like, but do not overstuff yourself
  3. At 3pm, if you are hungry, take a light snack
  4. Eat dinner by 8pm and be asleep by midnight
  5. Exercise only if you want

For more information, visit




This is tempting. I wonder if this would really work…

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