hong kong adventure – day 2

Published October 4, 2009 by ladyemelye

september 23 – today is my birthday, and i am going to spend it in hong kong disneyland!

after having breakfast and all our morning rituals, we left the hostel to travel to lantau island where disneyland was located. after two train interchanges, we arrived at sunny bay, where we would ride a disney themed train which will bring us to disneyland.

after a few minutes, we arrived at disneyland! since we already got our tickets beforehand, there was no need to queue for tickets, and we headed straight to the entrance.
we got our maps, copy of the show schedule, and then stopped by the city hall. there, i told one of the staff, that it was my birthday, and he gave me a disney pin (with minnie mouse in it) saying that it is my birthday today. i pinned it in the strap of my bag, and most of the staff who noticed the pin, wished me me a happy birthday. we also had an oppurtunity to have our photos taken with mickey and minnie mouse.
after the picture taking, we had lunch, and then proceeded to the “lion king festival” show. it was a short play narrating the story of how simba became the king of pride rock. the show was amazing… the performers and the effects. we really enjoyed it.
after the show, we all went into the demon jungle, one of the halloween offerings of the park. it was a little bit scary, but fortunately, we made it out. =)
the next show that we watched was “the golden mickeys” which was a parody of the golden globes. there were performances given my the disney characters based on categories such as friendship, heroism, and romance.
after the show, we tried the “it’s a small world” ride. it features dolls representing different locations, and singing the it’s a small world song in their native language. of course, we waited for the Filipino dolls. they were two Filipinas accompanied by a tarsier.
we also rode the “winnie the pooh adventures” ride, which is a storybook ride through the “it’s a blustery day” story of winnie the pooh and his friends.
at 3pm, we found our place outside, where the disney parade would pass by. we were in the front lines, and we were able to see all of the characters on the parade.
cinderalla even greeted me a happy birthday since she saw the badge in my bag. =)
other rides we tried out were the space mountain (we rode this twice), buzz lightyear astro blasters (where we had to shoot emperor zorg’s minions), stitch adventure (this was fun since we were able to interact with stitch who was on the screen. we also rode the electric cars (sponsored by honda) wherein i got to drive.
at around 5pm, we gathered in front of cinderella’s castle to watch “high school musical live” where most of the cast were filipinos. my niece and i were even called to stage when they asked for volunteers to dance with them to the tune of… we’re all in this together. it was our five seconds of fame.
next in line was disney’s philharmagic. it was a 4d theater where we got to experience what was happening on the film we were watching which was on 3d. we got to smell the pie and the champagne, get wet with water and feel the wind rushing past us.
since disney was already celebrating halloween, there was a glow in the dark parade at night which was headed by jack skellington and the characters from “a nightmare before christmas.” also in the parade were various villains like jafar and maleficent. but of course in the end, there is mickey mouse and the gang wearing their halloween costumes.
to cap off our disney adventure, we watched the fireworks display at cinderella’s castle. it was wonderful to behold. the fireworks were synchronized with the music, and there was even a story to it.
i enjoyed celebrating my birthday at disneyland together with my family. i think i have made closure to my childhood because of this. =)
end of day 2.

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