hong kong adventure – day 3

Published October 4, 2009 by ladyemelye

september 24 – we are tireless. today, we are going to visit ocean park hong kong.

after a train ride, we took the bus which will stop at our next destination, ocean park. like in disneyland, we had our tickets purchased through our hostel, so we did not have to line up.

since we did not had the time to eat breakfast, we decided to eat brunch first before roaming the park. we went to the panda cafe, where we met lele, the panda mascot. we had lots of pictures with the panda, and then ate our brunch of steamed chicken, roast pork and roasted duck.

after having our fill, we went to the location of asia’s animals. we saw alligators, red fox (it is a bear), and a real life panda bear. unfortunately, the panda was sleeping. we also got to see various breeds of goldfish.

ocean park was huge. to get to the upper part of the park, we had to ride cable cars.

we also got to watch a show at the ocean theater which featured dolphins and seals. the animals were great at their tricks, and it is amazing how well they work with their trainors.
we entered a jellyfish sanctuary where we saw different species of jellyfish. it was nice since the jellyfish changed their color with the lights.
the rides at ocean park were more thrilling. we rode the raging river, space wheel, flying swing, the dragon, and the abyss.
after ocean park, we went to the ladies’ market at mong kok (where the acid throwing incident happened). there we shopped for various souvenirs and pasalubongs. after walking around, we ate at a japanese restaurant. my niece ordered ramen, and to our surprise, it had a naruto! =)
end of day 3.
day four was spent going to harbour city mall, where we got royce chocolates and some stuff. then some shopping again, until we checked out of the hotel.
we rode the train to kowloon, where we rode the airport express. at this station, you could already check in your baggages, unfortunately for cebu pacific, we were only allowed to check in our bags at the airport itself.
our hong kong adventure was a great experience. i want to come back sometime in the future. i wonder to what asian country should we go next? =)

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  • Stumbled upon your blog. It was such a shame that I wasn't able to see much of Ocean Park when I went to HK. It was raining hard and not really a good way to go sight-seeing. Thanks for sharing your photos. At least, I was able to see Ocean Park on a sunny day. 🙂

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