eq diapers: good customer service

Published February 19, 2014 by ladyemelye

i’ve never really stuck to a brand when it comes to diapers for my baby.  there are a few that i buy more that the others, but i could settle for another brand in the event one is not available.  add to the fact that i am also cloth diapering my baby, and as much as possible he only wears diapers when we go out or at nighttime.

when he was born, we used pampers.  her ninangs gave him a diaper cake of eq diapers during his dedication so we also used that.  when pampers introduced a “new design”, i did not like it very much since it seems to sag.  so i switched to mamy poko slim diapers.  but my baby is now a little boy that the xl size of mamy poko no longer fits him.  i tried looking for a 2xl size but did not find any.  we tried drypers weewee dry but i also did not like it.  so we ended up with eq dry again.  i noticed that eq’s diaper seem a little larger than usual size so we just bought a pack of xl diapers.

so, when i got the used the first diaper in the pack, i was kind of satisfied on how it fit my baby.  but after a few hours that he had been wearing it, my baby was complaining and he was pointing to his diaper.  that is when we saw that the tape has come off (not from the “sticky” side but from the panel in the back.  at first i thought it was just normal since i would encounter this in a diaper or two before.  but we were in the 4th diaper from that pack and the same thing was still happening.  so i took a photo of the diaper and sent a complaint to eq.

broken waist tapes

broken waist tapes

eq diaper

eq diaper

i reached them via email and through a private message in facebook.  after a day, i received a reply asking for details and contact numbers so that they can reach out to us directly.  it seems that it is indeed a defective pack and they promised to send a replacement pack via courier.

the next day, we received the brand new pack from eq.  they were very competent in handling customer complaints and was very eager to rectify their mistakes, and for that they should be commended.

replacement eq pack

replacement eq pack

now, that is what i call customer service.  i hope all the companies in our country would be like this.  the customer may not be always right, but you should be able to handle their queries and situations.

as for LBC and Jollibee… well, that’s another story which hasn’t been resolved yet.

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