food test (march): cbtl and mcdonald’s

Published March 27, 2014 by ladyemelye

here are the “new” items which i sampled for this month and what i think of them. 🙂

coffee bean and tea leaf:  melon mint frutea and macarons.

cheese muffin, melon mint frutea, macarons

cheese muffin, melon mint frutea, macarons

for summer, cbtl launched three new frutea flavors:  pomelo frutea, pure melon iced blended and melon mint frutea.  the first i tried is the melon mint frutea.

i am not sure of the exact composition of this drink is, but it has mint, green tea and melon flavors.  i really like how the flavors blended together and i could imagine myself indulging in this during a hot day.  the mint added an additional “freshness” zing.  i just wish that i could also get this over ice rather than ice blended.

they have also started offering macarons.  they offer 5 sets which include two flavors in each set.  a set costs php 165.00.  the flavors are vanilla & coffee, orange & raspberry, lemon & earl grey, chocolate & passion fruit and salted caramel.  i got the orange & raspberry set.

hand crafted macarons

hand crafted macarons

sweet little things

sweet little things

orange x raspberry set

orange x raspberry set

i was a little bit disappointed with the size.  i was not able to take a comparison picture but each macaron is smaller than a 5-peso coin.  so pricewise, you are not getting what you paid for.  my officemates even thought that it was a toy/keychain.  and also after biting into it, the macaron crumbles.  but flavorwise, it was good.  i liked the fruit flavors infused in the filling of the macaron.  on any other day, i would still go to bar dolci for my macaron fix.

macarons up close

macarons up close

mcdonald’s: black forest coke mcfloat

this month, mcdonald’s also released a new line for their dreamy decadence desserts: tiramisu coke mcfloat, black forest coke mcfloat, sans rival mcflurry, cookie butter mcflurry (albeit this was released before) and mango mcdip.

after my bout with tonsilitis, i got the black forest coke mcfloat.  the website’s description:

go for something richer with the Black Forest Coke McFloat, a party in your mouth with every spoonful of hot fudge and cherry-flavored topping.

i liked the cherry flavor in the float since it gives a little different zing to it.  coming to the end of the drink though, i wasn’t able to detect the taste of the cherry anymore.  perhaps i would like this better as a sundae, rather than as a float.


i am now curious to try the other flavors which have come out. 🙂

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