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food test (july & august): starbucks, sbc, chowking

Published September 14, 2014 by ladyemelye

the past months have been quite busy, and there was not much new things that i got to try out so i am combining my food test for july and august.

starbucks: banana chocolate puff, bacon parmesan stromboli, banana raspberry frappuccino, tiramisu frappuccino

banana chocolate puff - php 75.00

banana chocolate puff – php 75.00

i do not know if because i bought this in the morning, then ate it when i got home, that it was just ok for me.  this is a flaky and buttery pastry with chocolate and bananas inside.  the pastry is actually good.  i just feel that there wasn’t enough chocolate and that the taste of the bananas were a little overwhelming.

bacon parmesan stromboli - php 120

bacon parmesan stromboli – php 120

my new favorite at starbucks. i love anything with bacon!  this is a flaky, buttery, crunchy crust filled with bacon, tomato, parmesan and mozzarella.  i could easily finish one of this in a sitting.  you could taste all of the flavors in each bite.  the perfect savory pair to your coffee. 🙂  i hope this stays in the menu.

banana raspberry frappuccino - (grande) php 170 (venti) php 180

banana raspberry frappuccino – (grande) php 170 (venti) php 180

The Banana Raspberry Frappuccino® blended beverage combines the berry goodness of our Raspberry Blackcurrant juice with milk and a peeled banana

this is my favorite among the “banana” line of frappuccino that was launched.  it has the right amount of sweetness and tart. one good option if you are looking for a non-coffee based drink.

tiramisu frappuccino - (tall) php180 (grande) php190 (venti) php200

tiramisu frappuccino – (tall) php180 (grande) php190 (venti) php200

Tiramisu Frappuccino® blended beverage features our delicious blended coffee flavored with Tiramisu sauce then topped with bits of biscuits, cheesecake- inspired whipped cream, Tiramisu sauce drizzle and a dusting of cocoa powder.

the flavors of this drink is really nice.  i like the combination of the tiramisu sauce and the cheesecake whipped cream.  the sweetness was also just right.  although this could mean a lot of calories with all that sauce, whipped cream and cocoa powder. 😉

seattle’s best coffee: strawberry fields

strawberry fields

strawberry fields

again, i availed of this drink using my sbc planner coupon.  this is an ice-blended drink made of strawberry puree and crushed chocolate cookies, topped with whipped cream and that cute strawberry candy.  this is like the strawberry oreo ice cream that is available locally.  a little sweet for me, but if you are a fan of strawberry or cookies or both, then this is for you.

chowking: happy pao

happy pao (panda and piggy) - php 109

happy pao (panda and piggy) – php 109

these paos are just too darn cute that i bought a box of three while buying food from chowking.  the panda has chocolate inside, while the piggy is your asado siopao in a cuter form. 🙂  the chocolate pao was actually good.  the filling was not to sweet, and they did not scrimp on the amount so that you get chocolate from every bite.

happy eating! 🙂

wildflour: cafe + bakery

Published August 8, 2014 by ladyemelye

i have already done a post before regarding the cronuts of wildflour.  but of course, i wanted to try out the food.

hubby and i first tried it out for lunch.  he had a meeting nearby, so we met at wildflour for lunch.  here is what we got:

tomato soup (php 90)

tomato soup (php 90)

the soup is simply made of tomatoes, basil and parmesan.  hubby loves his tomato soup, and he gets one whenever he can.  i can say that this is a good starter to warm up your tummies before your main meal.

pork chop (695)

pork chop (php 695)

hubby had the pork chop for his main meal.  it consists of porkchop (a generouse size, mind you), sweetcorn puree, wild mushrooms, whole grain mustard.  at first look, he was a little skeptical.  but the pork was tender and the sauce was really good.

crispy duck confit (php 590)

crispy duck confit (php 590)

bring me somewhere that has duck confit in their menu, and i most likely would get that.  this was served with lentils and apple slaw.  the skin of the duck was indeed very crispy.  the meat was tender that i did not have a hard time tearing it apart. 🙂 it was also very flavorful, the way duck is.  the lentils provided contrast and the apple slaw had the right amount of sweetness and sourness to break through the monotony of eating duck.

crimson berry iced tea (php 110)

crimson berry iced tea (php 110)

i got this iced tea for my drink.  it was just a simple iced tea with berry flavors.

pastel de tres leches (php 210)

pastel de tres leches (php 210)

this was our sweet ending.  three kinds of milk mixed in with cake cubes plus caramel on top.  i like that it wasn’t overly sweet and that the cake had a nice texture to it.

we had a very good lunch that day and we were satisfied with the food that we had.


i work in the building across the street from wildflour.  so every morning, when hubby drops me off, we always see that there are a lot of people (especially foreigners) who were having breakfast at wildflour.  so one day, we decided to try out their breakfast menu.  do note that they are offering a different menu during breakfast.

wildflour breakfast (php 290)

wildflour breakfast (php 290)

this consists of 2 eggs (cooked the way you like it), cripsy potatoes, pork sausage and toast.  it’s like the more upscale (in terms of serving size and flavor) of mcdonald’s big breakfast. 😉  i liked the crispy potatoes with its crunch on the outside and mushiness of the potato inside.

croque madame (php 420)

croque madame (php 420)

this is a big sandwich, i wasn’t able to polish it off.  it was ham, gruyere and fried egg on top of a brioche bun.  it was delicious and very filling.  i how the flavors all melded into the bread.


hazelnut hot chocolate (php 160)

this was my morning drink for that day.  it was like eating nutella in a semi liquid form. 🙂  however, i did find it a little bit too sweet for my taste and little too thick.  maybe they could ease up on the nutella (which i am sure they put in here) given the size of the cup.


i enjoyed eating at wildflour both times.  although prices are a little steep, you can see that the servings are generous and the the quality and taste is of high standards.  i would love to try other items in the menu like the mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich and kimchi fried rice. 😀


Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Ground Floor, Netlima Building, 4th Avenue Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

a taste of slice

Published August 4, 2014 by ladyemelye

i’ve first heard about slice because of their cupcakes.  so when i moved to a job at bonifacio global city last year, i grabbed a box of some of these cupcakes.

box of 4 cupcakes

box of 4 cupcakes

of course i got the famous choco yema (php 60) cupcake.  beside it is the oh my ube (php 80).  the one with the green frosting is candyland.  i forgot what flavor is the one on the lower left, but the cupcake is colored pink. 🙂

the choco yema was definitely a winner.  the combination of chocolate plus the creaminess of the yema was really good.  i also like the oh my ube.  it was an ube flavored cupcake with cream cheese frosting and some coconut shreds providing some texture.  i got candyland for the little boy.

last month, hubby and i were looking for someplace at high street central wherein we could have brunch before seeing a movie.  we decided to eat at slice to check out their all day breakfast.

slice scrambled + kalemonade

slice scrambled + kalemonade

hubby got the slice scrambled (php 150).  this consists of baked scrambled 2 whole eggs with cheese.  there are 3 different variants and he chose smoked bangus + red eggs + scallion + tomato.  this was served together with a bowl of mixed brown rice.  according to him the scrambled egg was really flavorful and the meal was filling.

for his drink, he got the kalemonade (php 100) which is kamote-infused lemonade.  it does taste like your usual lemonade, however you can also taste the hint of the kamote leaves.

panini + raving raspberry

panini + raving raspberry

i ordered the pizza panini (php 150).  it was filled with cheese, pepperoni, ham and mushrooms.  the filling was very tasty and full of ingredients.  the panini was also toasted very nicely.

for the drink, i got the raving raspberry (php 100) which is your typical raspberry juice.

we were really satisfied with the food that we ate here, that we were still not feeling hungry even after the 2-hour movie.


if you are looking for a place that serves healthy food, but doesn’t compromise the flavor, then this restaurant should be on your list.  i will definitely be back to try out the other items in their menu, especially those for dessert. 😀



G/F Southeast block, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(02) 5537783


food test (june): sebastian’s, leona’s, starbucks

Published July 30, 2014 by ladyemelye

before this month comes to a close, let me do a quick post on what new items i tried last june. 😀


sebastian’s:  fudge cake and strawberry shortcake ala mode bars

additional flavors we tried from their summer line. (see previous post here)

fudge cake

fudge cake

for the chocoholic in each and everyone of us.  😉  it is composed of chocolate cake soaked in chocolate fudge, topped with dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate and then milk chocolate, and finished off with chocolate chips.  just the number of times i mentioned the word “chocolate” in that sentence is enough to bring anyone into a chocolate high.  it is very rich and indulgent, but not overpoweringly sweet.

strawberry shortcake

strawberry shortcake

i love strawberries that is why i did not let this pass.  the bar is made up of pound cake with strawberry sorbet, dipped in white chocolate with orange zest, and then drizzled with strawberry gelee and topped with a slice of strawberry.  it was a nice mixture of sweetness and zing.  what i like about this bar is that you taste the natural flavors, especially that of the strawberry.  i could easily eat two of this in a sitting.


leona’s:  strawberry sensation and banana bread

eversince i have read this post from the first wives club blog, i’ve been asking my friends who went to cebu to buy me some of the baked goodies from leona’s.  luckily, one them managed to get me two of their breads.

strawberry sensation loaf

strawberry sensation loaf

it looks and smells divine. 🙂  dense and flavorful bread with strawberries, strawberry ripple and topped with white chocolate.  again, there is a play in the sweetness and tang of flavors.  this was easily wiped off by my officemates and i.

unfortunately, i was not able to take a photo of the banana bread.  but it has the same consistency with the strawberry loaf.  it was not too sweet and it’s perfect to be paired with your cup of coffee.


starbucks:  strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

starbucks launched two new flavors and of course, we tried them. 🙂

strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

the strawberry cheesecake is very similar to the strawberries and cream frappuccino that starbucks already carries.  the main difference lies with the addition of vanilla syrup, cream cheese whip, strawberry drizzle and graham crumble bits on top.  i really did not taste the difference of the cream cheese whip versus the original whipped cream.  what i liked about this drink is the additional strawberry drizzle and the crunch that is provided by the graham crumble.

the banana chocolate is also officially launched, although this can be ordered before as a variant to the banana mango.  it is a combination of banana, milk, and chocolate sauce all blended together.  it was a nice treat and my son liked this very much.  another alternative if you are looking for a non-coffee drink.



baskin robbins ice cream: a monthful of flavors

Published July 8, 2014 by ladyemelye

this ice cream brand reopened it’s door once more to philippine customers last july 2.  and there have been long lines since then.  one afternoon, we braved the lines so that we could get a taste of this ice cream.  a lot of people were definitely excited and they said that having a taste of this ice cream brings back fond memories from their childhood.

all their 31 flavors are available, so you can try one flavor a day, for a month, before deciding which is your favorite.  admittedly, it was very hard to choose which one to try first, so the queue affords you sometime before you make a decision and give your order.  you can even ask for samples of the flavors that you are eyeing so that you can finally take your pick.

peanut butter 'n chocolate, love potion #31, cotton candy, hokey pokey

peanut butter ‘n chocolate, love potion #31, cotton candy, hokey pokey

maui brownie madness, mango yogurt, caramel turtle truffle, chocolate chip

maui brownie madness, mango yogurt, caramel turtle truffle, chocolate chip

gold medal ribbon, praline 'n cream, jamoca, very berry strawberry

gold medal ribbon, praline ‘n cream, jamoca, very berry strawberry

so what’s in their menu?  here are the offerings:

  • junior scoop: single (85.00), double (145.00), triple (195.00)
  • regular scoop: single (119.00), double (199.00), triple (279.00)
  • +20.00 for the waffle cone, +40.00 for the fancy waffle cone
  • pint (325.00)
  • quart (595.00)
  • half gallon (1150.00)
  • milkshakes (jamoca almond fudge, very berry strawberry, mint chocolate chip): small (150.00), medium (190.00), large (220.00)
  • blasts (cappuccino, mocha, caramel): small (110.00), medium (150.00), large (190.00)
  • fruit blasts (strawberry, mango): small (110.00), medium (150.00), large (190.00)
  • build your own sundae: single (139.00), double (209.00), triple (279.00)
  • ice cream cake: 1/4 sheet (1100.00), full sheet (3850.00)

they have other items like the twist sundae – ice cream on top of a layer of toppings like hot fudge, almonds, whipped cream and cherries, flavor wave – mix and match of 5 mini scoops and shake mixology – milkshakes that combine two different flavors of your choice.

junior double scoop - chocolate chip cookie dough & love potion #31

junior double scoop – chocolate chip cookie dough & love potion #31

i got a junior double scoop consisting of chocolate chip cookie dough & love potion #31.  the chocolate chip cookie dough was just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess punctuated by bits of cookie dough and chocolate.  the love potion #31 is a winner for me.  i love the combination of the raspberry and the chocolate.  it is sweet, with a slight tang plus the richness of the chocolate.  this is a flavor i would not get tired of.

good thing this is just walking distance from our office.  we could get ice cream anytime we feel like it.  plus the fact that we could “burn” the calories by walking to and from. 😉


Baskin Robbins

2F Central Square (Bonifacio High Street)

30th corner 5th avenue,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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