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high-tech bookworm: kindle

Published October 20, 2012 by ladyemelye

ever since i can remember, i’ve always been a bookworm.  i love reading books.  as a child, i had a collection of children’s books which included fairy tales, bible stories and those about animals.  i even had my own picture dictionary.  when i started school, this continued, especially during high school when we had a lot of pocket books at the library which one could borrow.  i read nancy drew, r.l. stine fear street series, sweeti valley high and other young adult books.  i even collected the sabrina, the teenage witch pocketbook series which i still have until now.

i am not particular with regards to the genre of the books i have read.  i could almost read anything.

that is why one of the gadgets that i really appreciate is my amazon kindle wi-fi.  hubby actually bought it so that he could read his pdf books, but since it’s arrival it can be said that i have claimed it. 😉

the device is very lightweight and it can carry lots of ebooks in it.  the interface is simple and easy to use, and the display uses “e-ink” that’s why it has the same appearance as a real book, plus there is no glare that would strain my eyes.  i have there at least 100 e-books, but i have barely nicked the memory capacity.  it is handy that i could just pull it out and continue on my reading anywhere, anytime.  i even bought a booklight so that i could read in our vehicle during the ride home.

my kindle and booklight

although nothing beats the smell and feel of a new (or old) book, if you are a certified bookworm, this is certainly a good investment.  plus, you help save mother earth. 😉

let’s be friends on goodreads so that we can share the books that might be interesting. 🙂

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