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Published May 11, 2012 by ladyemelye

as how daniel matsunanga pronounced it. 🙂  i got to try tokyo tokyo’s burger only recently. 🙂

one lunch time in the office, i decided to go to tokyo tokyo. and instead of ordering the usual tempura or donburi, i opted to try their burgers.

i ordered the shiitake mushroom burger.  at Php 145.00, it already includes nori-wasabi fries and a regular red iced tea.

shiitake mushroom burger + nori-wasabi fries

the burger was good.  the size was big enough that a regular person would be filled after eating it.  i liked the sesame seeds on top of the bun.  the burger consists of a beef patty, lettuce, shiitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce.  i could have enjoyed this burger more should it had more sauce and more mushrooms.

i was surprised with the fries.  i thought they were just regular french fries with a little bit of nori powder.  but once i took a bite of it, there was a pleasant saltiness from the nori, plus a subtle kick that could only be brought about by the wasabi.  i liked it very much.  i just don’t know if you could order this separately, or it just comes with the meal.

overall, i think the burger meal offered by tokyo tokyo was fair in value.  at least now you have more choices when dining at their fast food restaurant.

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