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frozen yogurt day

Published January 27, 2011 by ladyemelye
at sm manila, en route to visiting a friend at jose reyes hospital, we decided to try out the frozen yogurt stores there.
first stop: tutti frutti
“self service frozen yogurt cafe offering up to 50 delicious and exciting flavors and over 30 topping varieties” (from their site)

for that day, we decided to try the combination of taro and lychee flavored yogurt. choco chips and kiwi were the toppings that we chose.
junjun loved the lychee flavor, i liked its tartness. as for the taro yogurt, it lacked a little flavor. priced at Php 20.00 per ounce, it could be enough to satisfy your frozen yogurt craving.
next stop: california berry
“100% non-fat. low calorie frozen yogurt” (from their site)
from california berry, we decided to have original flavored yogurt plus 3 toppings. we chose rice crispies, walnuts and lychees.
the taste of the frozen yogurt was good as it was tangy. i liked the way it combined with the walnuts and the rice crispies.
pricing is as follows:
small: Php 65.00 + Php 15.00 per topping
medium: Php 85.00 + Php 30.00 for 3 toppings
large: Php 115.00 + Php 30.00 for 3 toppings
Tutti Frutti (SM Manila)
California Berry (SM Manila)

red mango frozen yogurt

Published April 11, 2010 by ladyemelye
after watching a movie at greenbelt 3, i was looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth so i decided to buy frozen yogurt.
i went to the red mango kiosk and ordered a small green tea yogurt with strawberries and kiwis as topping.

the yogurt was good. it had a slight sweet taste with tang of sourness. the flavor of the green tea was just right and not overpowering. the fruits were a great complement to the yogurt.
if ever i am in greenbelt 3 again, i would try another topping combination.

a night in kapitolyo

Published November 1, 2009 by ladyemelye

last friday, before going home to cavite from the office, Junjun and i decided to have dinner at slice and dice steakhouse at kapitolyo, pasig.

slice and dice offers steak at low prices. they also have baked tahong, sisig, calamares and other dishes.

junjun ordered the t-bone steak, and i had the steak a la pobre. both are priced at Php 99.00, plus Php 20.00 for the rice. we also had the red blend iced tea.

the steak served was huge, and is almost good for two persons. i also liked the gravy sauce that accompanied the steak. our total bill was around Php 300.00.

after dinner, we went to the back of the food complex for dave’s yogurt.

i read about dave onstott’s yogurt from anton’s blog, and decided to check out the item. we got the chocolate hazelnut (premium – Php 80.00) and peach (classic – Php 70.00).

the chocolate hazelnut felt like you were eating ferrero rocher chocolates with a hint of sourness in the end. you could really feel the hazelnut bits as you eat through the yogurt. junjun liked the peach flavored more since the mild sweetness of the fruit complemented the tang of the yogurt.

we will go back to this someday to taste the other flavors, and try the yogurt cake. =)

august celebration, encore – fling

Published August 23, 2009 by ladyemelye

After our lunch in Buon Giorno, we decided to try the newly opened frozen yogurt shop in cliff house. It’s name… Fling.

According to their flyer: Fling only uses fresh yogurt that’s made from a local farm unlike others who use processed, powdered stuff. So not only are you getting something yummier and healthier, you’re also helping local farmers.

Most of the fruit toppings are also sourced locally. Toppings vary from fruits, chocolate sauce, mango sauce, cookies, granola, etc

Toppings: dango balls, homemade apple pie filling, lite chocolate sauce, lite mango sauce, tagaytay pineapple, kiwi, mango, banana

Toppings: Cranberry Muesli, Almond Granola, Blueberry Cereal, Apple Cinnamon Squares, Chocolate Creams, Almonds

What I ordered was a casual-sized yogurt with mango sauce and kiwi. The yogurt was smooth and creamy. The mango sauce was not too sweet which was good, and the kiwi provided an additional tang.

The combination of the toppings I got was nice, and I really liked it. Although, it was a little pricey. It was Php 85.00 for the yogurt, and additional Php 25.00 for each of the topping. My total bill was at Php 135.00


Cliff House Tagaytay
Maharlika East Tagaytay City

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