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fusion lunch at home: chicken inasal + hainanese chicken rice

Published January 2, 2014 by ladyemelye

i love to do grocery shopping.  i love to cook.  so whenever there is something new that i spot at the grocery store, i make it a point to buy that so i could use it at home.  these are my latest finds:

mccormick rice cookers - hainanese chicken rice (grabbed from mccormick's fb site)

mccormick rice cookers – hainanese chicken rice (grabbed from mccormick’s fb site)

trader joe's everyday seasoning

trader joe’s everyday seasoning

mama sita's inasal marinade (grabbed from

mama sita’s inasal marinade (grabbed from

we bought chicken leg-thigh parts and marinated it using the inasal.  as per instructions, it should be marinated for at least 3 hours, but for best results, overnight marinating is advised.  together with the marinade, i also added tj’s everyday seasoning into the mix.  we cooked the chicken using our trusty turbo broiler.

**i love tj’s everyday seasoning.  it is a combination of different flavors and spices which comes with it’s own grinder.  i use it with almost all of the dishes that i cook.  i bought this online at Lorena and Loreta.

the rice mix is easy to use.  it is said that it is good for 2 cups of rice.  the cooking instructions are pretty easy to follow especially if you will be using the rice cooker.  you just have to add the mix to your washed rice and let it cook at the cooker normally.  just remember to fluff the rice after it has been cooked. 😉

here are the results:

broiled chicken inasal

broiled chicken inasal

hainanese chicken rice

hainanese chicken rice

we liked the flavor of the chicken very much especially when it is still hot.  given that we marinated it for only 3 hours, it must be really better if we did marinate it overnight so that the flavors are thoroughly infused to the chicken.  the flavor of the rice complimented very well with our broiled chicken.

stay tuned for more of my holiday experiments. 😉

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