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an afternoon in the market

Published February 9, 2009 by ladyemelye

Yesterday at around lunch time, Junjun asked me if we could have a soup later during our dinner. i teased him saying that we could have instant noodles together with whatever viand we were going to have. He said he wanted sinigang. So we decided that in the afternoon, we would go to the market and get ingredients that i would need to cook sinigang na hipon.

At around 5pm, after our afternoon nap, we headed for the Imus public market. During the days of my singleness, i seldom visit the market. So this is kind of an adventure for me. We went to the wet section of the market and started looking for shrimp.

After getting the ingredients for our sinigang, i asked Junjun if he wanted another viand to go with it. He said that he wanted galunggong, fried crisply. I said ok, and we went on to find the fish. But there was a small problem, we did not know what a galunggong looked like. We wandered around the fish area, until luckily, a manong called out “galunggong, 50 lang kalahati!” And then we found our fish.

Just for fun, we took a picture of the galunggong, and it is posted here.

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