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lessons learned from bonito island

Published April 4, 2009 by ladyemelye

Last March 28-29 our project team held it’s team building at Bonito Island Resort in Mabini, Batangas. (http://www.bonitoislandresort.com).

Here are the things that i learned from that trip:

1) websites can be deceiving
when i first learned of where we were going for our outing, i immediately checked its website. i was impressed by the website of the resort and thought that it would be a good chance to break from my usual routine. i was WRONG! almost nothing in its website is what is in real life.

2) aircons need rest
we arrived at the resort at around 10am. after checking in into our rooms, we found out that there was no power for the airconditioning units. what we did was ask the resort manager regarding this. her reply was “may gumamit kasi nung aircon buong magdamag kagabi, so kailangan magpahinga, mga 4-5 hours pa bago buksan.” [the aircon was used last night, it needs to rest, it will take about 4-5 hours before we turn it on again]. what the…

3) electric water dispensers are used for dispensing purposes only
the water dispenser in the dining area is not plugged into an electrical outlet, hence the water is neither hot nor cold… it was room temperature.

4) salty water is the standard output of all pipes
salty water in the sea, in the poolside shower and in the room’s shower. good thing they provided mineral water for brushing teeth…

5) buffet does not mean eat all you can
if you are late for the serving of the meals, and some of the dishes are no longer available, sorry… but you have to be contented on what is left for you.

6) termites are also guests
termites can be found in the window sill and bed frames

7) love the koreans
because there were korean guests present, the resort played korean songs over and over again… and served tons of kimchi

the island itself was a beauty. some of my colleagues went snorkling and saw a variety of fish. but the management needs to improve (a lot) on its customer service or else they will lose the business. also, they should invest more in the maintenance and care of the resort… buy a higher capacity genset!

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