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cobo: awesome possibiliteas

Published October 14, 2012 by ladyemelye

last june 17 (i know… i have a lot of blog backlogs 😦 ) i got to try a milktea place along alabang-zapote road.  it was called Cobo: Awesome Possibiliteas.

cobo signage

for the drinks, they offered a lot of varieties: bubble burstea, bubble burst smoothies, cobo sea salt, sooosmoothy, premium pressoteas, krazee koffee, jello fruit tea and of course milk teas.

they also have snow cream and cobo crunch.  for the crunch these include taiwanese chicken (in various flavors) and taiwanese dimsum like kuchai dumplings, sharksfin and pork siomai.

drink prices range from Php 60.00 to Php 100.00 depending on the flavor and add ons that you choose.  snacks are Php 49.00 (dimsum) and Php 70.00 (chicken).

menu and counter


the dining area is cozy with a number of colorful chairs and tables.  one can hang out here, have a snack, meet with friends, plus they have free wi-fi. 😉

sitting area

cute bean/yinyang shaped tables

since i just had lunch when we stopped by this store, i opted to order one of the premium pressoteas.  i ordered the rose tie guanyin (16oz).  this also included pearl and cocochew.  you also have the option to change the sugar level based on your preference – extra mild, mild, average or intense.  you could also choose to substitute to coco sugar for an additional Php 15.00.

rose tie guanyin milk tea – Php 85.00

the drink had a nice, strong tea flavor to it, but unfortunately i was not able to taste the “rose” part.  i will go back here to try other drinks, and also the snacks.


Cobo: Awesome Possibiliteas

South Park Heights, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas


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