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food test (july & august): starbucks, sbc, chowking

Published September 14, 2014 by ladyemelye

the past months have been quite busy, and there was not much new things that i got to try out so i am combining my food test for july and august.

starbucks: banana chocolate puff, bacon parmesan stromboli, banana raspberry frappuccino, tiramisu frappuccino

banana chocolate puff - php 75.00

banana chocolate puff – php 75.00

i do not know if because i bought this in the morning, then ate it when i got home, that it was just ok for me.  this is a flaky and buttery pastry with chocolate and bananas inside.  the pastry is actually good.  i just feel that there wasn’t enough chocolate and that the taste of the bananas were a little overwhelming.

bacon parmesan stromboli - php 120

bacon parmesan stromboli – php 120

my new favorite at starbucks. i love anything with bacon!  this is a flaky, buttery, crunchy crust filled with bacon, tomato, parmesan and mozzarella.  i could easily finish one of this in a sitting.  you could taste all of the flavors in each bite.  the perfect savory pair to your coffee. 🙂  i hope this stays in the menu.

banana raspberry frappuccino - (grande) php 170 (venti) php 180

banana raspberry frappuccino – (grande) php 170 (venti) php 180

The Banana Raspberry Frappuccino® blended beverage combines the berry goodness of our Raspberry Blackcurrant juice with milk and a peeled banana

this is my favorite among the “banana” line of frappuccino that was launched.  it has the right amount of sweetness and tart. one good option if you are looking for a non-coffee based drink.

tiramisu frappuccino - (tall) php180 (grande) php190 (venti) php200

tiramisu frappuccino – (tall) php180 (grande) php190 (venti) php200

Tiramisu Frappuccino® blended beverage features our delicious blended coffee flavored with Tiramisu sauce then topped with bits of biscuits, cheesecake- inspired whipped cream, Tiramisu sauce drizzle and a dusting of cocoa powder.

the flavors of this drink is really nice.  i like the combination of the tiramisu sauce and the cheesecake whipped cream.  the sweetness was also just right.  although this could mean a lot of calories with all that sauce, whipped cream and cocoa powder. 😉

seattle’s best coffee: strawberry fields

strawberry fields

strawberry fields

again, i availed of this drink using my sbc planner coupon.  this is an ice-blended drink made of strawberry puree and crushed chocolate cookies, topped with whipped cream and that cute strawberry candy.  this is like the strawberry oreo ice cream that is available locally.  a little sweet for me, but if you are a fan of strawberry or cookies or both, then this is for you.

chowking: happy pao

happy pao (panda and piggy) - php 109

happy pao (panda and piggy) – php 109

these paos are just too darn cute that i bought a box of three while buying food from chowking.  the panda has chocolate inside, while the piggy is your asado siopao in a cuter form. 🙂  the chocolate pao was actually good.  the filling was not to sweet, and they did not scrimp on the amount so that you get chocolate from every bite.

happy eating! 🙂

food test (june): sebastian’s, leona’s, starbucks

Published July 30, 2014 by ladyemelye

before this month comes to a close, let me do a quick post on what new items i tried last june. 😀


sebastian’s:  fudge cake and strawberry shortcake ala mode bars

additional flavors we tried from their summer line. (see previous post here)

fudge cake

fudge cake

for the chocoholic in each and everyone of us.  😉  it is composed of chocolate cake soaked in chocolate fudge, topped with dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate and then milk chocolate, and finished off with chocolate chips.  just the number of times i mentioned the word “chocolate” in that sentence is enough to bring anyone into a chocolate high.  it is very rich and indulgent, but not overpoweringly sweet.

strawberry shortcake

strawberry shortcake

i love strawberries that is why i did not let this pass.  the bar is made up of pound cake with strawberry sorbet, dipped in white chocolate with orange zest, and then drizzled with strawberry gelee and topped with a slice of strawberry.  it was a nice mixture of sweetness and zing.  what i like about this bar is that you taste the natural flavors, especially that of the strawberry.  i could easily eat two of this in a sitting.


leona’s:  strawberry sensation and banana bread

eversince i have read this post from the first wives club blog, i’ve been asking my friends who went to cebu to buy me some of the baked goodies from leona’s.  luckily, one them managed to get me two of their breads.

strawberry sensation loaf

strawberry sensation loaf

it looks and smells divine. 🙂  dense and flavorful bread with strawberries, strawberry ripple and topped with white chocolate.  again, there is a play in the sweetness and tang of flavors.  this was easily wiped off by my officemates and i.

unfortunately, i was not able to take a photo of the banana bread.  but it has the same consistency with the strawberry loaf.  it was not too sweet and it’s perfect to be paired with your cup of coffee.


starbucks:  strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

starbucks launched two new flavors and of course, we tried them. 🙂

strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

strawberry cheesecake and banana chocolate

the strawberry cheesecake is very similar to the strawberries and cream frappuccino that starbucks already carries.  the main difference lies with the addition of vanilla syrup, cream cheese whip, strawberry drizzle and graham crumble bits on top.  i really did not taste the difference of the cream cheese whip versus the original whipped cream.  what i liked about this drink is the additional strawberry drizzle and the crunch that is provided by the graham crumble.

the banana chocolate is also officially launched, although this can be ordered before as a variant to the banana mango.  it is a combination of banana, milk, and chocolate sauce all blended together.  it was a nice treat and my son liked this very much.  another alternative if you are looking for a non-coffee drink.



food test (may): starbucks, tokyo bubble tea, chez karine, sbc

Published June 26, 2014 by ladyemelye

a little bit late, but here is what i sampled for the month of may. 🙂


starbucks: banana mango frappuccino and spinach tart

banana mango frappuccino - grande (php 170.00)

banana mango frappuccino – grande (php 170.00)

this is a combination of starbuck’s mango passion fruit juice + milk + 1 whole banana.  yep… 1 whole (dole) cavendish banana.  this is a perfect drink for the summer season.  there’s the sweetness of the mango and banana, a hint of tang from the passion fruit and creaminess from the milk.  i wouldn’t say it is the healthiest of the drinks (just count the calories involved), but it is a good alternative to the other coffee based drinks.

this isn’t always be available though.  once your starbucks of choice has ran out of bananas, they won’t be serving this drink for the day.

**you can also order other variants of these — the banana raspberry and the chocolate banana (which they have formally launched as a new flavor)

spinach tart - php 95.00

spinach tart – php 95.00

i have always liked the variety of food items that is available at starbucks, and this one is definitely a good choice.  this consists of a puff pastry with a creamy filling consisting of spinach, onions, garlic, mushrooms and cheese.  it is filling enough for a snack (or lunch even – if you eat that way).  i like that the pastry is buttery and flaky (although a little messy to eat) and that the flavor of the filling has just the right balance of spinach and cheese.


tokyo bubble tea:  sakura milk tea

sakura milk tea - php 145.00 (medium)

sakura milk tea – php 145.00 (medium)

in time for the cherry blossom season, tokyo bubble tea launched limited-time products which are sakura inspired.  being very fond of this flower, i just had to try this.

sakura milk tea is a combination of vanilla, green tea and cherry blossom essence.  it also comes with their signature bubbles which are sweet and chewy.  i ordered this at 50% sugar level, and the sweetness was perfect for me.  this is a drink i would not get tired of. plus its color looks really nice and dainty. 😉 too bad, it was just available until the end of may.  hope it comes back next year.


chez karine: macarons and vanilla royal pudding

i have read many good reviews for this shop, so when i was at the serendra area, i dropped by their store to sample some of the sweet goodies they have.

vanilla royal pudding - php 110.00

vanilla royal pudding – php 110.00

from their site: soft set custard pudding with dark caramel at the bottom.

i like that this dessert is not too sweet and you can taste the subtle flavor of vanilla in the custard.  to fully appreciate this, you must ensure that you get both the caramel and the custard in each bite.  plus points for the packaging.  acording to, you can actually collect your used jars and once you have 7 pcs, you can exchange it for a free glass of iced tea.

macarons (box of 7) - php 385.00

macarons (box of 7) – php 385.00

flavors i got: pistachio, red velvet, dark chocolate, speculoos, black sesame, mint chocolate and strawberry.

the macaron size was standard (?) in comparison to others that i’ve tried.  it was crunchy and chewy at the same time.  there was a generous amount of filling in between that you would get a nice dose of flavor.  you can really tell and differentiate each of the flavors.  of those that i tried, my favorite would be the black sesame and the red velvet.


seattle’s best coffee: caramel heaven

caramel heaven

caramel heaven

i availed of one of the coupons which i got from my sbc 2014 dream journal, and i got a caramel heaven javakula.  it is a mix of coffee and caramel, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with sugar crystals.  i like the flavor of caramel, so this drink is easy to like.  it was just a little too sweet for my taste.

i wish sbc could come up with something new, since they have been offering caramel variants lately.


and that’s what i had for may. 😀

food test (april): mcdonald’s, krispy kreme, spam, starbucks and sebastian’s

Published May 9, 2014 by ladyemelye

i have been eating a lot of sweets lately.  here are my “firsts” for april.  🙂


mcdonald’s: sans rival mcflurry

sans rival mcflurry

sans rival mcflurry

this is part of the dreamy decadence desserts the the fastfood has launched for summer.  i am just not sure if it is real sans rival cake that they mix into the ice cream, but every spoonful definitely tastes like one.  all of the creamy butter flavor plus the vanilla ice cream is a winner.  hubby orders this everytime we go for drive-thru.


krispy kreme: the colors of summer doughnuts

colors of summer doughtnuts (right side)

colors of summer doughnuts (right side)

for a limited time this summer, krispy kreme launched the colors of summer donuts which include the lemon, raspberry and blueberry summer flavors.

lemon summer doughnut – lemon flavored vanilla icing with leaf-green, lemon-yellow and sky-blue swirls

raspberry summer doughnut – raspberry flavored vanilla icing with christmas-red, baker’s rose and burgundy wine swirls

blueberry summer doughnut – blueberry flavored vanilla icing with sky-blue, violet and christmas-red swirls

the doughnuts with their colors are really nice to look at.  the fruity flavor had a good contrast with the sweetness of the vanilla icing.  my son liked the raspberry doughnut (though he took a bite in all of our doughnuts), while i prefer the blueberry one.


spam tocino

spam tocino

spam tocino

this variant of spam has been making it’s rounds on social media feeds that is why when i saw it at the grocery, i just had to  buy one so that we could taste what the buzz is about.

from the spam website:

Continuing to expand on the global brand, an exciting new flavor- SPAM® Tocino is now exclusively available in the Philippine market. Traditionally served with rice and eggs, Tocino is a sweetened cured pork dish with Spanish influence and will also be available for purchase on

we cooked it the usual way we cook spam, which is fried until it is slightly well done and a little bit crispy. 🙂  it is a sweeter version of the spam that we have been used to, but the sweetness is very subtle unlike what we have in our tocino.  this can be an alternative to your usual rice pairings, or if you are a lover of both spam and tocino, then this one is for you.


starbucks: caramel ribbon crunch and chocolate crepe cake

caramel ribbon crunch

caramel ribbon crunch

from the website:

the caramel ribbon crunch is a coffee-based blended beverage with generous layers of the new dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzle and topped with crunchy caramel sugar

the beverage was good, but it was a little too sweet for my taste.  perhaps it is because of the amount of the caramel that is infused with the drink plus the additional ones at the topping.  this is sort of like a sweeter caramel macchiato in frap form.

chocolate crepe cake

chocolate crepe cake

i like the chocolate crepe very much.  it is layers of crepe and chocolate plus cocoa powder on top.  the good thing about it is, it is not too sweet.  somewhat reminds me of dark chocolate flavor.  the bad thing about it is, it is not too sweet – hence the tendency to eat more.


sebastian’s: mango fruitsicle and vanilla brownie bar

mango fruitsicle

mango fruitsicle

sebastian’s has always been one of my favorite stores when it comes to artisanal ice creams.  i love their unique flavors.  this summer, they are launching a new line of fruitsicles and ala mode bars.  new flavors are to be released weekly.

eating the mango fruitsicle was like eating a frozen ripe mango.  it is sweet and creamy and chunks of mango are embedded within the bar.  it is very refreshing.

vanilla brownie ala mode

vanilla brownie ala mode

vanilla brownie ala mode: chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream, dipped in vanilla white chocolate then in dark chocolate, with cake sprinkles.

if you love cake and ice cream, and chocolate, then this is the bar for you.  it is a perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate flavors.  i like the vanilla ice cream from sebastian’s as it doesn’t take artificial like most of the commercial brands..  it also helps that the chocolate is not too sweet.


more to come this summer! 🙂

food test: starbucks (february 2014)

Published February 28, 2014 by ladyemelye

i will be labeling all the “testing” of new food/drink offerings under “food test”.  so here is what i’ve had from starbucks this february:

cold pasta, chorizo cheese spread with crostini

cold pasta, chorizo cheese spread with crostini

the box includes a small portion of penne pasta with olive oil, herbs and chili flakes, container of chorizo cheese spread and a pack of crostini.

what's inside

what’s inside

the serving was just enough for a quick snack.  the flavor of the pasta was ok.  it was the chorizo cheese spread that i really liked.  it has the right balance of the flavor of the chorizo that blended nicely with the cheese.  i even used the leftover spread with my crackers. 😉

OT.  question from the starbucks partner: “should the cold pasta be warmed”? 😀

hazelnut macchiato

hazelnut macchiato

starbucks is introducing their “macchiato mondays” and with this, they launched the hazelnut macchiato.  i got this by redeeming my stars (some of which were about to expire come march).

for me, the hazelnut flavor was not too pronounced in this drink.  i found myself looking for it.  i don’t know if it is because i got the iced version and the hot drink would be much better.  for me, i would still prefer the chestnut macchiato they introduced the month before.

cherry blossom tumbler

cherry blossom tumbler

starbucks have released this year’s designs for the cherry blossom festival.  they have new tumblers and mugs.  i love the cherry blossom, and i almost impulsively buy items with this design. 😉  so today, i got a new tumbler.  it is so cute and girly.  plus, i like the new top cover of the tumbler which you slide to open and close.

wonder what is in store in the next months…

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