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natural intensive hair mask

Published June 12, 2012 by ladyemelye

i have been a human heart nature dealer for more than 6 months, and i’ve also been regularly using their products.  switching from my old brands, i’ve started using hhn products instead – facial wash, toner, feminine wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, baby wash, hand sanitizer.

one of the products that i really like using is the natural intensive hair mask.  here is the description from the website:

“Give your crowning glory the royal treatment it deserves! Our Natural Intensive Hair Mask strengthens, moisturizes and nourishes your hair with the added benefits of vitamin E and vitamin B-complex. It deeply penetrates the hair so that you can have gorgeous, shiny hair that radiates from the inside out!  Coat your hair with only nature’s best: avocado (with Omega-3) to restore moisture and elasticity, gugo bark to nourish and minimize hair loss, and finally, organic virgin coconut oil so you can have hair looking – and feeling – healthy, shiny and soft.”

human heart nature’s natural intensive hair mask (50g)

how the mask looks like inside

i’ve been using the product for about a month now.  once a week, i replace my usual conditioner with the hair mask and let it sit longer before i rinse it.  and like what the testimonials from other users, it’s just like having a hair spa at your nearest salon.

i have rebonded hair, so it is a must that i regularly have hot oil / hair spa treatments monthly to avoid dryness in my hair.  unfortunately, i do not have the time to do so.  and this is the solution to my problem.

i like how the product is thick, that i can apply it liberally all-over my thick hair.  i can also feel a slight cooling sensation as i massage the mask into my hair.  it has a strong flowery scent though.  maybe next time, i can try the rosemary scented one.  after using this product, may hair does feel softer and shinier.  i think this product is also good to use specially those who frequented the pool/beach this summer season, as this would salvage your hair from being dry, frizzy and course.

this product is definitely a keeper! 🙂


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