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head over meals

Published March 25, 2009 by ladyemelye

monday night… another trip to madison square for our dinner. we decided to try out a restaurant called “head over meals.”

at first, we thought it was an expensive restaurant. but they offered meals which are cheap, but tasted good. the selection of food were also not your usual menu.

meals come in budget and big sizes. for viands, it comes with free rice, while for burger, it comes with free fries.

junjun ordered the honey glazed pork liempo, while i chose fish fillet florentine. we also ordered two glasses of softdrinks which caused Php 20.00 each.

honey glazed pork liempo – Php 80.00

fish fillet florentine – Php 75.00

overall, this is a good place to go to if you are on a tight budget and you want to steer away from your usual fried chicken and rice.


Published March 22, 2009 by ladyemelye

last friday, Junjun and I had our “date” at Amici in Don Bosco. i have heard a lot about this place and decided to check it out.

for a brief background, amici was used to be a school cafeteria ran by the priests of don bosco. But some years ago, it was bought by the group that owns red ribbon. since then, there have been changes. other branches have also been open.

for our dinner, we ordered al quattro formaggi (pizza), cannelloni agli spinaci (pasta) and soda. of course, we also had gelato.

al quattro formaggi (four cheeses) – Php 290.00

cannelloni agli spinaci (spinach and ricotta cheese in pasta tubes topped with tomato sauce) – Php 195.00

gelato (ice cream – blueberry/mint with chocolate) – Php 50.00 per cup

overall, i liked how the food tasted. the pasta was good, and even though there was a lot of spinach, it did not taste like vegetables. the pizza was a combination of the different cheeses. and of course the gelato… if i wasn’t too full, i would have gotten another cup. the ambiance was nice, there were three counters that could take your orders. service was fast, and the servers were attentive. i hope i could go back and try the other dishes… and sample other flavors of the gelato. =)


Published March 17, 2009 by ladyemelye

for our dinner yesterday, we went to Madison Square along Pioneer St. Junjun & I opted to eat at a place called “Sonsi.” According to the server, their specialties are the longganisa. They had different variants of it: alaminos, vigan, tuguegarao, lucban, and cabanatuan.

Junjun tried the alaminos, while i chose the vigan longganisa. The vigan variety tasted more like what your longganisa would normally taste like, pork with spices. While the alaminos variety tasted a little bit liked smoked bacon.

One meal order consisted of the longganisa, garlic rice, egg, and a glass of iced tea. The longganisa were served crisply fried, and already cut into small pieces. For the egg, you have the option if you want it sunny side up or scrambled. I had mine scrambled while Junjun had the sunny side up. A native kind of vinegar was also used as a sawsawan for the longganisa.

The price for the meal was Php 125.00. It was fair since the servings of the longganisa and rice was enough for you to be full. It was unfortunate that we were not able to take pictures of the place, since our digicam was not with us.

Besides longganisa meals, they also had other offerings like liempo, boneless bangus, salisbury steak, pizza, pasta and bar chow.

Though i am not very fond of longganisa, i might go to this place once in a while. Next time i will sample their other dishes.

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