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mother’s day celebration at dona felisa

Published May 27, 2012 by ladyemelye

last mother’s day, we decided to treat out mama for dinner at dona felisa which is located at cavite city.  the restaurant is situated where the former paredes-yamaha store (which sells piano/keyboard and also offers lessons — wherein i studied when i was young).  they serve mostly filipino dishes.

here is a rundown of what we ordered, together with some comments:

fried siomai – php 110.00

for starters, we ordered fried siomai.  the filling was tasty and the ratio of filling to wrapper ratio was ok.  this was served together with chili garlic oil and some toyomansi.  the only downside is that it was a bit overfried as you can see in the picture.

shanghai rice – php 140.00

we were supposed to have the sisig rice, but unfortunately it was unavailable.  so we ordered the shanghai rice instead.  it was fried rice that contained the fillings of what would have been a lumpiang shanghai.  it was ok, but nothing extraordinary.  the serving is good for 3 to 4 people.

beef with broccoli – php 150.00

for our vegetable dish, we had the beef with broccoli. the beef was thin strips and it was tender.  the broccoli were cooked just right and not soggy.  matteo liked munching on the green florets.

garlicky crispy pata – php 260.00

we ordered the garlicky crispy pata for our main viand.  the pork was crispy and it helped that it was already chopped into almost bite sized pieces, so that we did not have a hard time cutting up the pork.  the dipping sauce that came with it was the usual vinegar-soy sauce with onion.  it lacked the “garlic” flavor though that i was expecting due to it’s name.

crab foo yong – php 150.00

we also tried the crab foo yong.  this was a little unique than the usual foo yong served at other restaurants since it has a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds which gave the dish a nutty taste.  what i didn’t like about this dish is that it used crabsticks instead of true crab meat.

we also ordered bottomless lemonade for our drinks.

by the end of our dinner, we were already full that we were not able to order dessert.  maybe next time.  i am interested to know what the “sikreto ni churva” is.

overall, this is a good alternative if you are looking for a restaurant in cavite city where you could have good filipino food.  the location is easily accessible.  the restaurant itself is spacious and offers free wi-fi.  the only downside that we experienced during our visit there was that it took a little time for our orders to be served, since they were a little understaffed that night.  but the waiting crew was very courteous and attentive to what we needed.

it is very likely that we will revisit this restaurant to try out their other offerings.



Dona Felisa Restaurant

567 Paredes Building

P. Burgos Avenue, Caridad, Cavite City

(046) 489-8174

recipes by cafe metro

Published March 27, 2010 by ladyemelye
3/27/2010 – date day for us. what we decided to do was eat lunch at greenbelt and watch the movie “the book of eli”.
after perusing through the various restaurants at greenbelt 3, we zeroed in at recipes by cafe metro. we ordered the rice + 1 meals. these are different choices of viands that is served together with rice and a glass of iced tea (Php 170.00).

we chose bbq short ribs, adobo flakes with egg and green mango + catfish salad (Php 105.00). i opted to change mine to garlic rice for an additional of Php 10.00.
the salad was good, but it could have been better if there was more catfish and the mango have been cubed instead of sliced into strips so that it would have been easier to eat.
the adobo flakes was crisply done, and was a little bit too salty. it would have helped if there was vinegar served on the side.
our total bill was a little less than Php 500.00. the food was worth the price. if you are looking for filipino fares, this is one restaurant you could choose.
Recipes by Cafe Metro
2nd floor, Greenbelt 3
Makati City

finds in boracay 1 – deco’s la paz batchoy

Published March 11, 2010 by ladyemelye
just outside the resort that we stayed in at station 2, boracay was deco’s la paz batchoy. they claim that they’re the original. so on our second night, we tried to taste the batchoy that they offered.
of course, we ordered the batchoy. i chose the miki noodles. together with the noodles, we also ordered puto manapala, pre-war pandesal and pandesal ni pa-a.
the pandesal ni pa-a was a little like what we can buy in our bakeries now. it was soft. it was also said that these were baked in a pugon, or the traditional brick oven. pa-a was the name of the person who made these then.
the pre-war pandesal was more dense and smaller in size.
the batchoy was of course, good. it had chicharon, liver, and other pork bits. you can opt to have hard boiled egg for an additional price. the soup was sweet and salty at the same time. one can ask for more soup if you want.
the price was fair for the serving, and you will really be filled by their batchoy. if you’re in boracay and looking for a nighttime snack, this would be perfect.
Deco’s Lapaz Batchoy
Station 2, Boracay


Published March 17, 2009 by ladyemelye

for our dinner yesterday, we went to Madison Square along Pioneer St. Junjun & I opted to eat at a place called “Sonsi.” According to the server, their specialties are the longganisa. They had different variants of it: alaminos, vigan, tuguegarao, lucban, and cabanatuan.

Junjun tried the alaminos, while i chose the vigan longganisa. The vigan variety tasted more like what your longganisa would normally taste like, pork with spices. While the alaminos variety tasted a little bit liked smoked bacon.

One meal order consisted of the longganisa, garlic rice, egg, and a glass of iced tea. The longganisa were served crisply fried, and already cut into small pieces. For the egg, you have the option if you want it sunny side up or scrambled. I had mine scrambled while Junjun had the sunny side up. A native kind of vinegar was also used as a sawsawan for the longganisa.

The price for the meal was Php 125.00. It was fair since the servings of the longganisa and rice was enough for you to be full. It was unfortunate that we were not able to take pictures of the place, since our digicam was not with us.

Besides longganisa meals, they also had other offerings like liempo, boneless bangus, salisbury steak, pizza, pasta and bar chow.

Though i am not very fond of longganisa, i might go to this place once in a while. Next time i will sample their other dishes.

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